Aprilia Time for Time

aprilia time for time Book a test ride on a new Aprilia, and be rewarded with a free watch.

aprilia test ride

Aprilia Australia have a timely new promotion called Time for Time.

Aprilia says: “From the 1st May until the 31st July 2008 we invite you to visit your Aprilia dealer and test ride any Aprilia from the mighty RSV 1000R superbike to the smallest scooter and we’ll reward you with a sensational Aprilia Sports Chronograph watch – literally a timepiece for your time.”

You can book test rides online, or simply ring 1800 Aprilia direct. You can also visit your local Aprilia dealer and they will book you in for your ride and register you for your Sports Chronograph once you have completed your ride.

Click here to book online for a test ride at your local Aprilia dealer



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