GSX-R Traction Action from Springwood

gsxr-springwood-sWe ride a 2012 GSX-R1000 Suzuki with traction control. You can too.

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2012 GSX-R1000 Plus Traction Control

If you’ve been fortunate enough to buy, or even ride, Suzuki’s latest litre warrior, the 2012 GSX-R1000, you would know that it is one of the finest, fastest and most sure-footed Supersport 1000s. The result of over 10 years of model improvement; the power, handling and rideability are exceptional.


The only problem with doing everything so well and without fuss is that sometimes buyers maybe left wishing for something more, something a little more exotic. Australia’s largest Suzuki dealer, Springwood Suzuki in Queensland, can help with that. They are offering buyers of the new 1000 a kit to liven up the experience, and bring the brag sheet up level with some of the euro-competition.

Starting with the obligatory Yoshimura muffler, Springwood up the ante with the trick Bazzaz electronic box, which features tuning control, and traction control. In case you didn’t know, Ammar Bazzaz is the maths genius and computer engineer who worked with Mat Mladin at Yoshimura during his first three US Superbike championships. This means he probably knows what he is doing when it comes to Suzuki and Yoshimura tuning.


The installation includes a handlebar mounted control for on-the-fly adjustment, and switching between maps. On top of this is a quick shifter, available in the standard road-going 1 down 5 up pattern, or for the track day loons, the reverse pattern shift is available.

Springwood Suzuki was kind enough to lend us the finished product for a ride, and we were impressed to say the least. While some aftermarket fitment of fuelling related products can bring unintended consequences, the package fitted to the big GSX-R only improved it. The fuelling was perfect, not a stumble or flat spot to be found. The muffler added a nice note without being overly loud or annoying, in fact I’d guess it was quieter than a certain stock Italian sports bike we tested recently.


The quickshifter worked flawlessly, and as much as I would love to impress you with tales of the spinning rear tyre out of corners being tamed by the traction control, the fact is the GSX-R is so much bike, getting anywhere near smoking the rear tyre out of corners on a road test is the stuff of legend, or more likely, journalistic dreaming. A trip to the track would be the best way to try that function.

The package as fitted to the bike we rode normally retails for $2595.00, but if you have bought your bike from Springwood, the price is a measly $1915.00 all up.

That’s traction control, quickshifter and pipe fitted and mapped. Bargain.

A less expensive package is also available with the stainless muffler instead of carbon, and dropping off the handlebar controls for just $1690 fitted.

For more information call Springwood Suzuki on 07-3208 7999 or check out their website HERE





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