Honda CB1300 in 1980s guise.

Image Harking back to muscle bike days-gone-by, the CB1300 is truly one unique machine.


Now available with an attention-grabbing red frame highlighted by glimmering gold rims, the sleek and sporty Honda CB1300S looks hotter than ever. Harking back to muscle bike days-gone-by, the CB1300 is truly one unique machine.

Up close, every part of this grand motorcycle shines with a superlative quality of finish; deeply lustrous paint and beautifully executed aluminium and chrome parts that keep the big CB's performance and excitement running high. With all of the high technology performance Honda riders have come to expect, the CB1300 offers a giant step forward into the world of sports touring enjoyment.

Like the naked CB1300 flagship on which it is based, the CB1300S features an imposing 1300cc DOHC inline-4 powerplant that pumps out an explosive thrust of down low acceleration accompanied by a roar of midrange performance that makes it a blast to ride. Specially designed with compact and slim proportions, the sporty half fairing provides excellent protection again the wind at highway speeds.

The view from the CB1300's comfortable seat is also one of the best on wheels, and with its large, traditional twin binnacle-style gauges, high-accuracy electronic dials and multi-function riding computer, all the information you need for that daily trip is readily available. To best emphasise the motorcycle's feeling of performance, the frame's innovative 3-point mounting system features a single rear rubber mount designed to convey the engine's exhilarating rumble of power and torque while keeping annoying buzzes of vibration to a minimum.

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Recommended retail is $15,390 plus on road costs.

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