Honda CBR1000R Naked

Honda CBR1000R 2008 Naked Honda announce a new naked bike, the CBR1000R for release mid 2008.

 Honda CBR1000R 2008 Naked

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It has been five years since Honda’s flagship naked bike – the Hornet 900 – first hit the scene, thus the time was right to wipe the slate and start anew for the next generation. The result is the astounding CB1000R, and Honda Australia has confirmed it will hit our shores next year.

The new CB1000R features a dynamic, hard-edged design that immediately grabs attention with its unmistakeable look of muscular performance and wild ‘Bar Star’ image. Much of this aggressive impact is embodied in the CB1000R’s distinctive ‘mass-forward’ orientation, which positions the rider slightly forward and seemingly above its dynamic inline-four engine. Its short, slim tail cowl, brawny fuel tank and side cowls further convey an image of awesome street performance.

Honda CBR1000R 2008 Naked

Mechanical parts like its magnesium head and ACG covers, and natural finish aluminium pivot plates exude a high-tech look of purposeful performance, whilst an array of nickel-plated Allen-head bolts accentuate the outer perimeters of the engine’s side covers. The next aspect to leave a strong impression is its size, or lack of it. Remarkably, the CB1000R looks and feels more like a compact mid-sized sportbike than the full-bodied litre-class performer it really is.

Once seated aboard, its compact form and easy reach to both the ground and its controls are simply extraordinary in this class of naked road machines. The new CB1000R’s compact yet powerful 998cm3 liquid-cooled fuel-injected engine ably delivers the breathtaking power and brilliantly responsive performance one expects from a litre-class street performer. Its high-energy thrust of excitement is generated from a direct descendant of Honda’s race winning powerhouse, the exceptional CBR1000RR Fireblade, winner of the 2007 World Superbike Championship.

Honda CBR1000R 2008 Naked

Like the mid-displacement Hornet, the CB1000R’s mill has been tuned for maximised low-to-midrange performance. However, unlike the Hornet, the new CB1000R’s engine has also been tuned for stronger, more exciting power that extends further up the powerband, resulting in nearly 30% stronger performance that is smoothly linear in its delivery. Rather than peak power, it is torque, especially in the midrange, that is the real thrill experienced when the throttle is opened.

All this power gets to the rear wheel through a light-action hydraulic clutch that takes full advantage of the engine’s strong low-end torque to allow it to be engaged at engine speeds of less than 2,000rpm without fear of engine stalling. This is the power zone where the CB1000R truly shines.

Expected release date: second half of 2008; recommended retail to be confirmed

Honda CBR1000R 2008 Naked



Honda CBR1000R 2008 Naked 

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