Honda DN-01

Honda dn 01 Honda’s new DN-01. V-twin and auto transmission, wrapped in a concept bike look.

 Honda dn 01

With its astounding concept bike looks, long-and-low proportions, high-styled 17" wheels and powerful V-twin engine, Honda’s new DN-01 is most certainly a motorcycle that provides all the exhilarating riding enjoyment one would expect from the finest of its breed.

But with one major difference… it has no clutch! Instead, the DN-01 introduces to motorcycling the most advanced fully automatic transmission ever developed for any two wheeled vehicle. When the DN-01 first debuted at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show, many thought it to be just another interesting concept bike that would disappear and be promptly forgotten. Its promise of strong performance delivered through an ‘infinitely variable HFT transmission’ seemed like another wild claim. Little did people know that the long years of research and development that went into this model would come to fruition in a motorcycle that would carry all the styling impact and technological advancements of its initial concept, and still deliver on its promise of unparalleled riding enjoyment.

Honda dn 01

Additional features include:
* Unprecedented organic ‘Performance Custom’ design.
* Dynamic front cowl design integrates dual projector headlights.
* Long-and-low proportions for relaxed riding position and luxurious riding ease.
* Comfortable stepped seat, back-swept handlebars and wide foot boards.
* Wide LCD instrument panel with multi-segment tachometer display and large digital speedometer.
* Wide integrated LED taillight assembly.
* Slim, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 680cm³ V-twin engine.
* HFT features Drive, Sport and 6-speed Manual modes for wide-ranging performance potential.
* Innovative HFT ‘lock-up’ system achieves more direct drive for stronger, sharper acceleration.
* Switch-selectable mechanical Neutral for easier control when at stop. * Dual-chamber exhaust with catalyser system maintains exhaust emissions below EURO-3 regulated levels.
* Smoothly responsive Combined-Antilock Brake System for confident braking control….and much more.

Recommended retail to be confirmed; expected release date: second half of 2008

Honda dn 01 

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