Honda Hornet 600 back for 2008

hornet 600 honda 2008 Honda announce the return of the 600 Hornet for 2008 , back after a five year absence, powered by 600RR derived engine, and sporting new streetfighter appearance.

hornet 600 honda 2008 

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The last time naked bike fans saw a new Honda CB600 Hornet land on Australian shores was more than five years ago, so followers of the pared down sportbike – powered by the legendary "RR" series engine – will be thrilled to learn the mid size Hornet has returned. Lean, mean and poised for new conquests, the startling new CB600F Hornet stands the mid-displacement performance naked class on its head with riveting new looks and the blistering performance of a totally new engine and chassis.

When Honda’s development team set out to create the next generation of the wildly popular Hornet, they knew that the time had come to break the mould of what has gone before and strike out with an unexpected concept that would reset the stage for a whole new generation of class domination. One look says it all; with sharper styling and a lighter and sleeker form that concentrates its heavier components closer to its centre of mass, the new Hornet is not just a looker, but also a top performer.

Since its crowd-pleasing 1998 debut, the popular 600 has enjoyed a proud nine-year history. It quickly became a top choice for young new riders looking to step up from learner class bikes and scooters. The Hornet also gained a following among more experienced riders, who were attracted to its slim, quick-handling ‘back to basics’ appeal and its easy ability to be pushed to its limits. A close blood cousin of the race-ready CBR600RR, the latest release Hornet focuses on sharper, more responsive handling through the pursuit of lighter weight everywhere including an engine that is five kilograms lighter than before.

Attention was also paid to giving the new Hornet quicker and more easily manageable handling. This was achieved by carefully calculating precisely where that weight should be trimmed, or moved, to gain the most responsive, easiest-handling riding control. The new CB600F Hornet’s shortlist of hard-hitting new features includes:

* A stunning new streetfighter look, with slimmer lines and lighter, more aggressive form.
* Mass-centralised construction that locates heavier components closer to the Hornet’s central turning axes for sharper, smoother and more confident handling.
* A lighter, more compact and higher-revving new fuel-injected engine developed alongside the 2007 CBR600RR.
* New low-slung exhaust system for enhanced mass centralisation and sharper handling.
* A newly developed gravity die-cast (GDC) aluminium Mono-Backbone frame for lighter weight and sharper handling.
* Tapered dual-box-section aluminium swingarm.
* 41mm inverted cartridge-type front fork.
* Lightweight, newly designed five-spoke aluminium alloy wheels.
* New over/under dual multi-reflector headlight and slim LED taillight.
* HISS immobiliser security system.

Available in black, silver and Fiji blue, recommended retail is $11,990 (inc GST, excluding stamp
duty and Dealer delivery). For specifications, please visit:

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