Honda Integra super scoot released in Australia

honda-integra-scooter-sHonda have released the new 670cc twin cylinder Integra scooter in Australia.

Honda Integra now available in Australia

Honda Australia have released the new Integra scooter.

The Integra is a 670cc twin cylinder scooter, but best described as a crossover between motorcycle and scooter.

Features abound on this ground breaking model, from the liquid cooled parallel twin with a 270 degree firing order – which will give it a vee-twin sound – to the dual clutch transmission, Honda have made sure that the Integra will make an impact.

Braking is ABS, wheels are motorcycle size, and although it looks slim the Integra still boasts a 15 litre storage compartmen,t big enough for a helmet.

We are looking forward to riding one of these, and the combination of near motorcycle prowess, combined with the ease of use and low fuel consumption of a scooter should make it popular with many.

Pricing is a stout 10,990 list, which puts it up there in scooter terms, but you get a lot of technology for this price. Currently available in Blue, for more details see your local Honda dealer.

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