Husqvarna 900 Streetbike Sketches

husqvarna-900cc-sHusqvarna release sketches of their upcoming 900cc streetbike.

Husqvarna 900 Streetbike

Husqvarna have released design sketches of their planned 900cc street bike.

With a motor designed around a modified BMW 800cc twin, the sketches show a stripped motard sportsbike cross.

Excerpts from Husqvarna  Press releases below:

“The strong shapes of the body are a consistent evolution of the new style and design direction introduced by the Varese based company, and are testimony of the manufacturer’s ability to innovate.


The architecture of the vehicle is brand new, above and beyond any layout available on the market. The characteristic shape of the side panels, the tension in the vibrant surfaces, the sculpted volumes define an athletic body. Dynamism, agility and lightness are balanced harmoniously. The functional air intakes integrated into the front of the body and the thin tail highlight the unique design of this new model. The technical components which are completely in view are the premise of sportiness, performance and, above all, fun.”


As for the motor, this releases has some detail:

“For this ambitious project to be successful, selecting the best engine set-up had to be of primary importance. The joint decision taken with BMW’s engine development team in Munich was to go for the highly reliable and technologically advanced BMW F 800 R’s 800cc twin-cylinder engine. This would then be adapted to the specific needs of Husqvarna’s new bike concept.

The development has been driven by an appreciation for the quality of the 800cc BMW engine, together with a need for the sporty characteristics Husqvarna stands for. The engine capacity has therefore been upgraded to 900cc and many of the main components have been reworked to meet specific needs. This allows a reasonable increase in power and torque, which translates into an outstanding and fun riding experience.


The air-box and exhaust layouts have been designed to create the optimum balance of performance and functionality in terms of weight reduction and mass distribution.

The result is remarkable in terms of engine characteristics, because the power delivery is linear and smooth at low rpm, but strong and outstanding at high revs. This means that the bike is easy to ride, giving immediate confidence to less experienced riders, while also delivering a great riding experience for more accomplished and experienced motorcyclists.

The engine project is a result of the close cooperation between Husqvarna’s and BMW Motorrad’s engine development departments from the very first sketch. It brought together the know-how from both companies, as well as some added value from the expertise of former F1 engineers. The same kind of cooperation has been achieved with the development of the bike itself – this will be the first Husqvarna street bike to combine BMW Motorrad technology with Husqvarna genes in terms of design and riding experience.”


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