Looking Back- Suzuki Hayabusa

suzuki hayabusa Named after the Japanese bird that can reach 300kmh in a dive, the Hayabusa was the first production motorcycle to repeat this feat on bitumen. Introduced in 1999, after a year of rumours of a 1300cc GSXR, the biggest and fastest Suzuki superbike was again a ground-breaking design.

 Like the 1980s Katana, the looks of the bike immediately divided opinion. The primary function of the styling is aerodynamics rather than appearance. Hidden under the plastic curves is the reason for the bikes 300kmh performance. A seemingly indestructible 1297cc watercooled 160hp delight will push the near 250kg weight of the big Busa down a dragstrip in the nine second range, yet retains the docile nature of a touring bike at legal road speeds. 

Still in production and virtually unchanged in 2006, the bike has remained at the top of the performance tree longer than any other motorcycle before it.

 Model  Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa
 Capacity  1297cc
 Engine type  4 cyl Inline Watercooled
 Power  160hp
 Torque  99 ft/lb
 Gearbox  6 speed
 Weight  245kg wet
 Seat Height  N/A
 Front Brakes  Twin disc
 Rear Brakes  Single disc
 Power To Weight  .65hp per kg
 Top Speed  300km/h

 suzuki gsx1300r hayabusa


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