Moto Guzzi V7 Classic Test Ride took a ride on Moto Guzzi’s retro V7 Classic. Small size, big fun.


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Quick Facts

– Moto Guzzi V7 Classic
– 744cc V-Twin, 5 speed, shaft drive.
– Retro Styling, conventional suspension and brakes.
– Light weight, decent torque, and good handling
– Great for small riders, new riders, Guzzi fans or anyone wanting a no fuss, easy to ride fun machine.


V7 Classic Detail

Lately it’s the trend for manufacturers to revive old model names and attach them to a new retro machine. Some have been more successful than others. The V7 Classic from Moto Guzzi follows this trend, and although on paper it might not seem overly impressive, it is another under appreciated machine from one of our favorite bike makers.

The original V7, a 1967 smash hit model for Moto Guzzi, was a 700cc v twin that sold in droves for 10 years. For its time it was light, powerful and reliable.

The new V7 borrows from that theme.  The 744cc v-twin makes a little under 50 horsepower (38kw) but has a healthy 55nm of torque at only 3600 rpm. Combine this with only 182kg dry weight, and you get a decent performing motorcycle, although it’s no arm stretcher. Neither however are its perceived competitors which would include the Triumph Bonneville and the Harley Sportster. While the others have a horsepower advantage, they are carrying a lot more weight, the Sportster in particular weighing in at a porky 70 odd kilos heavier.


On the road, the V7 classic’s low down torque combined with it’s light weight makes for a pleasant ride. It is no bitumen shredder, but it isnt trying to be. Suspension is adequate for a heavier person, but the V7 isn’t a large bike.

I couldnt help think how ideal this would be as a first bike for a lot of riders, although I believe it has too much power to ever be a LAMS bike. It is so easy to ride. A smaller person is going to love it as well, the low seat height, and light weight make it very easy to manouver.

The Classic V7 rolls on a pair of chrome steel rims, up front is a single disc, and a pair of 40mm Marzocchi conventional forks. The rear is the familiar Moto Guzzi shaft drive, twin adjustable shockies, and another disc brake. All pretty standard fare, but it all works together to give a nice comfortable ride experience.


The tank size is a decent 17 litres, which is plenty for long runs. The clutch is light to actuate, with firm but positive gear action. Brakes are good, without being too sensitive.

Overall, we can’t stress enough how good this bike would be as a first bike, it really is easy to ride, and has such a forgiving manner. That doesn’t mean it’s only for a new rider, it’s small size makes it ideal for the smaller build person, and it’s genuine retro styling would suit someone looking for an older bike, with all of todays reliability.

Another great bike from Moto Guzzi.


Simple, and enjoyable.
Oh so easy to get along with.
Beautiful Guzzi V twin

Not so Much:

Horsepower fiends may find it wanting.
Priced at the higher end.
If only it were LAMS legal.


Engine                       Four-stroke V 90° twin
Displacement           744cc
Maximum power     35.5 kW (48.8 CV) at 6,800 rpm
Maximum torque     54.7 Nm at 3,600 rpm
Gearbox                   5 speed
Final drive               Shaft
Front suspension.   Marzocchi Ø 40 mm telescopic front forks
Rear suspension.     Light alloy swingarm with twin preload adjustable shock absorbers
Front brake             Floating 320 mm stainless steel disc, 4 opposed piston caliper
Rear brake              260 mm stainless steel disc
Front Tyre             Metzeler Lasertec 100/90- 18 56H TL (front)
Rear Tyre               Metzeler Lasertec 130/80 -17 65H TL (rear)
Length                    2,185 mm
Width                     800 mm
Height                    1,115 mm
Weight                  182 kg
Fuel Capacity       17 litres (reserve 2.5 litres)
Available Colours: White, Black
Price  Over 14k.



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