Motorcycle Insurance Horror Stories

written-off-bike-sHad a bad run with motorcycle insurance. Horror story, either claims or policy problems, ridiculous quotes? We want to hear about it.



Motorcycle Insurance Experience Feedback

We’ve all heard the tales of horror, claims not paid, bodgy repairs or bikes undervalued. Motoaus would like to hear of your experience

If you have a horror story regarding motorcycle insurance, whether it be making a claim, or just getting the policy, or even just an outrageous quote, we’d like to hear from you. We are currently putting together a story about motorcycle insurance, and would love to hear your stories of insurance gone bad.

Hopefully this should help in putting together an insurance guide for motorcycles, as to the potential traps to be avoided right from the start when you are organising your policy with the insurance broker or company.

Please send any motorcycle insurance stories to, and tell us your tale of horror.

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