Motus V4 New American Motorcycle Engine

Startup US based motorcycle manufacturer Motous Motorcycles bucks the V-twin trend and makes it own radical V4 engine for it’s proposed 2011 launch.

When you hear about a new start-up manufacturer of motorcycles in the USA, you’d be forgiven for imagining something resembling a Harley powered by a V-Twin motor.

In the case of Motus Motorcycles, they’ve gone the other way. Literally. Instead of a V-twin, they designed and built an all new V4 powerplant. Then they decided to place it longitudanally in the frame, like a Moto Guzzi, or a rear wheel drive car.

The engine reeks of American V8 muscle. No overhead cams of fancy multi valves here, the Motus features pushrods and 2 valves per cylinder. The 1650cc engine also sports direct fuel injection into the cylinders and puts out about 140 horsepower.

The first model planned to run the new powerplant has been described as a “sports-tourer.” More details and pics here: Motus Motorcycles

Watch the video through to the end and have a listen to sound this thing makes!

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