NSW Police get FJR Yamahas

police yamahaThe NSW Police Force has ordered Yamaha FJR1300s for the first time.

 police fjr yamaha

Following a successful field trial, NSW Police Force Fleet Management Services has placed an order for 17 Yamaha FJR1300A motorcycles. This marks the first appearance of the capable four cylinder Sports Tourer in any Australian police force.

The units in question have been built as ‘police specials’ at Yamaha’s Japanese factory and were presented to the force needing only minor modifications for police use. The Yamaha brand is new to NSW Police and the FJR1300A was chosen for a variety of reasons including excellent performance and proven reliability. Quick spare parts turnaround and a large dealer network also suits the NSW force’s routine servicing requirements.

A few electrical modifications for lighting and radio fitments were completed locally before the bikes were given the thumbs up by the police field test team.

"The FJR1300A base package comes out of the factory with 95 per cent of our requirements fulfilled," explains Technical and Liaison Sergeant Julian Llewelyn. "The bikes have further modifications, including additional emergency lights and various brackets installed by YMA during the pre-delivery process." "With a promised 95 per cent of spare parts arriving within five days and a 50 dealer network in NSW, we are confident that Yamaha will be able to keep our motorcycle fleet on the road," continues Llewelyn.

NSW Police currently runs a fleet of 65 motorcycles that patrol the length and breadth of NSW.  The Queensland Police force has also placed an order for FJR1300As, although those units will be set up differently due to that state’s requirements.

  • The NSW Police bikes have two radios fitted to the box behind the rider’s seat, one for urban use and one for country.

  • The bikes are fitted with two batteries, one powers the motorcycle and another takes care of all additional equipment (lighting, radio, siren, PA system etc)

  • The FJR1300As were built with no holes drilled in any parts of the bodywork meaning the onsale process is easier.

  • Police field testers loved the heated grips, adjustable seat and bars. The larger, extendable screen plus extended wing mirrors and fairing significantly increase weather protection.

  • The blue flashing lights are switchable for VIP motorcade work, enabling front, side or rear lights only.

  • Additional rear indicators are added, with the ‘standard’ indicators converted to blue flashing lights to give additional warning when viewed form the rear.

  • FJR1300A standard emergency lighting is all LED, which is more reliable and less power draining than strobe lighting.

  • Front mounted NSW Police flag is mounted only during VIP security escort or ceremonial duties.

  • Units will be in use for Sydney’s upcoming World Youth Day and Papal visit.

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