Orange Hornet

ImageHonda release an orange Hornet. Is orange the new black?


The always exciting Hornet 900, a pared-down, lightweight package ready for all types of riding, is now available in a tasty new colour, Candy Blaze Orange.

The CB900 never fails to deliver with breathtaking jolts of low-to-mid range power compliments of the same fuel-injected inline-4 engine originally developed for the legendary Fireblade. Advanced PGM-FI with sophisticated throttle sensor and advanced fuel-injection mapping combine to produce smooth and linear throttle response.

Its handling is exceptional thanks to a spare Mono-Backbone frame, lightweight aluminium swingarm and Monoshock rear suspension, not to mention big tyres and racing class 4-pot dual front brakes. Visually, the Hornet’s prominently positioned engine is the focus of attention, and the pair of big gun silencers sticking out under its slim and sleek seat cowl give it that unique street fighter look.

The comfortable, upright seating position is ideal for one or two riders, perfect for days of commuting, sport riding and long trips. Additional features include a stylish hugger-type rear fender, aviation-style fuel cap, gold-colored front and rear brake calipers, a large multireflector headlight for superb road illumination, and a lightweight, maintenance-free battery with sufficient starting capacity for all riding seasons.

An engine-mounted manual fuel enricher also provides smooth idling speed for cold engine starts, a necessity in today’s unpredictable climate. As well as the new orange colour scheme, the CB900 also comes in black. Both are available from Dealers now.


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