Suzuki Unveils New Models

Suzuki have unveiled a range of new models for 2008 at the annual Suzuki Dealer show held in Las Vegas. Among the new models unveiled was the long awaited updated Hayabusa, the B-King, and a fuel injected RMZ450.


2008 Hayabusa.


First major update of this model since its intoduction back in 1999. Notable features new for 2008 model include redesigned bodywork, including an "interesting" tail section treatment, the bike taking on a mild GSXR look to the fairing, and GSXR K7 1000 type mufflers.

Engine size is up to 1340cc, compliments of a 2mm increase in stroke. Titanium valves, higher compression, and dual injectors result in a claimed 198hp at the crank. 

Wheelbase remains the same, weight is up slightly, no doubt due mainly to the new exhaust.
Braking has been updated with the inclusion of radial mounted calipers up front, and a slightly larger rear disc.

A host of other small refinements complete the package for 2008. 



More than six years after it first arrived as a show concept bike sporting a supercharged Hayabusa engine, the B-King will be released with a shared version of the Hayabusa engine, sporting the same 1340cc, Ti valved, dual fuel injected motor.

Weight is up over the Hayabusa to a hefty 235 kg dry, despite the lack of bodywork.

Huge mufflers dominate the rear of the bike.



The 2008 RMZ450s major feature is sure to be the fuel injection, offered for the first time on a Suzuki motocrosser. A 5 speed gearbox is up one from the old model, and a revised cylinder head, larger flywheel, and a semi-dry sump system complete the change to the motor.

A new frame, redesigned swing arm and wave rotors are the major chassis changes, bodywork is new, seat  is extra grippy, and a gold chain complete the package.


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