Kawasaki KFX450R Monster ATV

ImageKawasaki release the 2009 KFX450R Monster Energy sports ATV.


Kawasaki has announced the release of the latest addition to the Kawasaki Monster family; the 2009 KFX450R Monster Energy sports ATV.

Kawasaki is confident that this sinister looking, race ready ATV will gain immediate recognition and success in the marketplace.

Kawasaki say they have made the KFX450R race ready so that extensive and expensive modifications are unnecessary to put it at the front of the pack:

"The KFX450R Monster Energy was designed with everything to keep it ahead of the pack, whether it’s ridden on the track or trail. Its engine comes straight from the 2008 AMA MX Championship winning KX450F with the addition of digital fuel injection and a reverse gear to back out of tight situations. The aluminium frame is both lightweight and rigid, plus it’s designed for superb handling and to allow the KFX450R to maximize traction without wasted wheelspin."

Dressed in Monster Energy Super Black colour and graphics with black rims, the 2009 KFX450R Monster Energy ATV is available now at the RRP of $13,999, see your nearest Kawasaki Dealership.


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