2007 Thor Ride Pants

2007 Thor RideThor’s “Ride” range of riding gear is designed for crappy weather riding (read as “great dirt biking weather” riding).  We are into Autumn now and it won’t be long before Winter is here, so we thought this is the perfect time to sample Thor’s “Ride” pant.Leminz

You may recall how impressed we were with the “Ride” glove in this review and we’re pleased to announce that the “Ride” pant is of equal quality.  An over-boot pant with cargo style pockets, the “Ride” pant are both comfortable and stylish with good reinforcement around the inside of the knees.  They have velcro fasteners at the ankles and water resistant zips both at the ankle/shin area and the front and rear vents for when it’s a little warmer.  We’ve ridden in them in the cold and wet and the warm and dry.  The pants are very comfortable and lived up the their inclement weather reputation.  Another thumbs up for the “Ride” range.

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