Drag Racing – Mini Jam 2007

turbo hayabusa azzopardi

A selection of grainy images from The Mini-Jam 2007 featuring Outlaw Sports Bike Drag Racing.

 MiniJam 2007, a drag race meeting featuring turbo charged and hi tech race cars and motorcycles, was run at Willowbank Raceway in Queensland Saturday March 31st.

Highlights of the meeting were Leonard Azzopardi running a 7.58 second pass at over 195mph on his "Quicksilver" Turbo Hayabusa, and Jamie Bezzinas S&R Pro Turbo Busa becoming Australia's second  Outlaw Street class bike into the seven second range, running a best of 7.8.

Jamie went on to win the meeting over the nitrous powered ZX12 of Wolf Racing.

Other notables were Blair Penningtons 9.074 second pass on his all motor ZX10 Kawasaki, Bruce Pattersons sump splitting, track oiling wheelstand,  and Shayne Holmes attempt to do the same. Video to be posted in forum.  

Street Bike class was won by Jason Hammelswang on his R1, over Alex Tukavkin's 9 second GSXR streeter. 

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