7 Reasons riding in the 70’s was better

riding-in-the-70s7 Reasons you enjoyed riding a motorcycle more – or would’ve if you were there – in the 1970’s


1. There was a lot less traffic. That meant there were a lot more empty roads.

2. There was a lot less different model bikes. Adventure riding, touring, drag racing, cruising and commuting could – and would –  be undertaken on the same machine.


350-7503. Old bikes were cheap. If you didn’t have a lot of cash, a few hundred could score you a decent older ride. These days everyone thinks anything over 10 years old and dusty is a collectors item.


4. Bikes had a lot less power. That meant you could use full throttle often, which was fun. Use full throttle on a BMW S1000RR in the suburbs, and you better have packed soap on a rope if you get caught.


scooter5. People were much easier to impress. An electric starter was a crowd puller in the early ’70s. The 20-Tens are a much tougher crowd. Maybe a chopped motoGP bike would get some attention.


burnout6. Riding gear was cheap, and you only needed a few things. Jeans, leather jacket, gloves, and some Rossi fur lined boots if you were hardcore.  No one chided you for less than appropriate wear. Road rash was your own business.


7. Crowd pleasing stunts such as wheelies or burnouts were often excused as displays of skill or light entertainment, rather than the actions of a murderous hoon. Yes, you might have got a fine, but you wouldn’t have had your bike impounded and crushed.

Bonus point number 8. No speed cameras.

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