The Top 5 Suzuki Concept Bikes Ever.

top-5-suzuki-concept-bikesThe Top 5 Suzuki Show or Concept bikes as selected by us.

Have a peek at a few of the wild and wonderful “Show Ponies” Suzuki have produced over the years..

Every year motorcycle manufacturers come out with a few show bikes to stimulate the desires of the customer, and to gain feedback as to what is desirable in future models. We’ve put together a few from Suzuki, there are many more, but we like these 5 the most.

Number 5. Suzuki GSX-R/4

Ok, it’s not even a motorcycle. But who would say no to a 640kg, aluminium chassis 2 seater, powered by a motor lifted straight from the Hayabusa.

Suzuki first showed the GSX-R/4 concept in 2001, with some talk at the time that it may make it to production. It didn’t. Although a single seat race class of open wheel cars was created named Formula Hayabusa. Imagine this with a turbo enhanced ‘Busa engine, and near to motorcycle power to weight ratio!



This highly futuristic model hit the show circuit in 1985. Never intended for production, it showcased a raft of potential technologies. A square 4 engine with 3 camshafts, hub steering, and hydraulic drives in the wheels ensured it would stay a conversation piece only.

The rather odd name is in fact from the Latin “Falco rusticolus” the largest of the falcon species of bird. A similar name would crop up years later with the Hayabusa, which is the Japanese word for “Falco peregrinus”, or Peregrine Falcon in Engrish.


Unveiled at the 2005 Tokyo Show, the Stratosphere features both a passing resemblance, and the same capacity as the iconic GSX1100S Katana of the early 80s.

It also adds 2 extra cylinders, with the inline 6 reportedly narrower than the 4 cylinder Hayabusa engine. Suzuki hinted at the time the bike would enter production at some stage, but so far there has been no sign of it.

This running prototype also featured an auto-shift mechanism, with full manual or semi-auto shifting, a camera mounted between the headlights to record rides, and integrated luggage racks. Suzuki also stated the motor made massive torque from idle to redline. Fingers crossed this makes it to production!


The B-King ,or Boost King, was a hit at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show with its huge tyres, raw streetfighter look, and a promise of a supercharged Hayabusa engine. The only bike on this page to make it into production at this time, the B-King did not live up to sales expectations when it was finally released in 2008. 

With the production version using a non supercharged version of the Hayabusa engine, and with conventional size tyres and other cosmetic details modified to suit the reality of a production machine, the B-King production bike split opinion. Despite the style critics, on the road the B-King is one of Suzuki’s greatest road machines, and a firm Motoaus favorite.



The most amazing thing about the Nuda is that it was first shown in 1986, nearly 25 years ago! The futuristic design actually went close to predicting the path of supersport design, or maybe it even influenced it.

Reportedly a running prototype, the GSX-R750 powered Nuda had front and rear shaft drive, and centre hub steering. With a conventional suspension and some sharpening of the tail design, it could probably still pass as next year’s radical design.

Got a favorite concept bike? Let us know in the comments.

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