$1000 New Suzuki Slingshot


A brand new Suzuki model, the Slingshot, sells for just over $1000! slingshot
This new Suzuki Slingshot sells for just over $1000. That is the conversion into Australian dollars from Indian rupees, where the model is sold.

The Slingshot is a 125cc single, carbureted wih a 5 speed box, available with either alloy or spoked wheels.

The Indian motorcycle market is huge and growing, with sales of a staggering 10 million motorcycles per year in total. This compares to Australia’s figures of a bit over 100,000 per year.

Suzuki also sell a range of high end motorcycles in India, GSX-R, Bandit, M109R and Hayabusa. But before you get too annoyed about India’s low prices, or excited about a cheap Hayabusa, a quick check on Suzuki’s Indian wesite reveals a Hayabusa retails in India for around 29,000 Aus dollars.

Don’t expect to see any $1000 dollar Slingshots here in Australia any time soon though.

A new customer prepares to experience the thrill of road rash

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