Fathers Day Gifts for Fathers with Motorcycles


A handy guide to buying Fathers Day Gifts for motorcycle riding fathers.


Motorcycle Fathers Day Gifts

Fathers Day is coming up soon – 4th of September in Australia – so we present to you some motorcycle related gift ideas for fathers.

If you haven’t got a father into motorcycles and you are in fact a father yourself -proven or not – you could always buy yourself a gift.

We’ll start from the cheapest and work up to the unaffordable (for those in the mining industry).


You don’t buy just any old cleaning products for a motorcycle – here’s one of the best. Plexus is a plastic cleaner, protectant and polish that works a treat on motorcycles and space shuttles. About 20 odd dollars a can, here’s one place you could buy it, I’m sure there are others. Or maybe a Harley Davidson key ring, great if Dad has a Harley, also good even if he has no bike at all 😉



A product that we absolutely love here at Motoaus – the Sunax Sun Shield – fits most helmets, and makes a huge difference when riding in varying light conditions like late afternoon sun. Retail is around the 40 dollar mark from the Sunax website. Otherwise maybe a Harley Davidson wallet, perfect for impressing the ladies (and mum obviously) Stuffing it with cash is optional.



Although we like the idea of everyone reading online, until you buy an Ipad you can’t take this website into the little boys room, so a magazine subscription could be the ticket.  Rapid Bikes magazine is under $60 for a years subscription. There are plenty of other magazines too, depending on taste. For something completely different, you could look at the Ezy2wheel, a handy little device that makes moving a heavy bike around the garage a breeze. Perfect if ol Dad’s getting a bit doddery.


A Bike stand always comes in handy if Dad owns a sportsbike. He’ll probably need one to change rear tyres frequently. Try Superbike Supply for a Kaneg stand starting at around $100. Closer to $200, and you could get the ol fella pair of super-cool aluminium billet sunglasses from Grix Eyewear.



A Harley Davidson Roadway Leather Jacket is safety wear that doubles as casual gear.These are around $500 from a Harley Dealer. If Dad takes Mum on the back, one of the greatest devices ever made (or worst depending on the strength of the relationship) is the intercom. Allows unhindered chattering between rider and passenger. Try Strike for the Scala Rider Intercom System.


Cost is no object

The Ducati Diavel Carbon is a 162 horsepower muscle bike, and around 30 thousand dollars will see Dad happily cruising the streets looking for R1 riders to toast from the lights. As an alternative, a Harley Davidson Road King is a similar amount of money, just as impressive at the local cafe, but offers a more sedate touring oriented ride.



Hopefully the above gift ideas have sparked some more of your own. Good places to search for specific gifts include Ebay, and the major online stores. Of course the easiest way would be to head down to your local motorcycle shop and take a look.

That way you could support local business AND get off the internet for an hour or so!

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads.(September 4th)

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