Foto Foolishness – Minibikes for Men

z1-900-minibikeMini replica motorcycles have been popular over the years, we created some of the minibikes we’d like to see made.


Mini Motorcycles

Back in the ’80s, several of the Japanese factories released cute little minbike versions of popular sportsbikes. Suzuki had the GSX-R50, or Gag as it is called, while Yamaha’s YSR50 (see above) was immensely popular, with most ending used for mini moto racing. Honda even had a 50, the RB.

Thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, we are able to bring you some updated mini motorcycles that we think would look good in the garage. Or pool room.


Kawasaki Z90

Everyone loves a Z1. No reason why Kawasaki couldn’t sell a boat load of Z90’s, although the 90cc 4 cylinder motor and quad pipes might make it an expensive toy. I’d buy one though, come to think of it, I’d buy a new full size one if they made those too.


Thruxton 90

A mini cafe racer Thruxton 90 would not only look great in the garage, but could be used for a quick trip the local cafe. Best not race though, the 90cc twin would probably only make about 5 horsepower.


Suzuki Wee-King

This is my favorite, and sure to be a collectors item due to low sales. Featuring the distinctive pipes of it’s big brother, unfortunately we had to cut costs in the motor department, it doesn’t have a scaled down version of the brilliant Hayabusa based powerplant the B-King does, rather a 5 hp Tecumseh pullstart. Oh well.


Suzuki M100 Culdesac

I know you can buy all kinds of Chinese mini choppers, but this minature Boulevard would be a quality piece, and with a 100cc single, could almost be used for a commuter. Not very bad ass tho.


Maxi Monkey 450

When asking for suggestions as to what bikes would make a good candidate for shrinking, some bright spark suggested the Honda Monkey 50. We tried to make a mini Mini, but it was too small to see. In a rare flash of lateral thinking, we present the Maxi Monkey, a full size 450cc mini bike, ready for the track. Great for adults and lending to children you don’t like.



Note: No, these arent real, please stop emailing asking where you can buy them, you can’t. Just stop. We made them in in Photoshop. Using pixels.

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