Land of the free, the brave, and the cheap.

halfpricebikes-sWould you like a new 1000cc sports bike for under $8000? We have the answer.

Half price new motorcycles.

Has a nice ring to it. Where would you find these? Look no further than the USA, where the global financial crisis has hit bike sales hard. Already known for its competitive retail prices on motorcycles, the economic slowdown has caused prices to be trimmed, making some of the deals available look pretty interesting to us Australians, with price tags close to half what we typically see in Australia.

The only snag to actually getting one of these cheap bikes is that you would have to actually live in America, as our import laws prohibit the importation, mainly due to our “safety” requirements. Handy eh! Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, or perhaps agony, we present a small sample of bike prices from the land of the free.

Randomly selected from Ebay, these are all brand new bikes, from dealers, with Buy it Now prices. I have heard of even better deals than these directly from dealers anxious to clear stock on run out models. The most notable rumour was brand new Buell 1125CRs for $5995!

Now we realise these are US dollar prices, and as such the value seems greater when our dollar is high like it is at the moment. To get an idea of the price in AUD, add about 10%.


Here’s a nice buy, the ever popular GSX-R600, a snap at only seven and a half grand for a new 600.


Or if you need more power, can’t go past the green meanie, 1000cc power for the mind-boggling low price of  $7750! Brand new!


Perhaps you need something a bit different, the now defunct Buells are a bargain, with Harley continuing support for the brand partswise, this 1125R at $7995 might be the ticket. We’d prefer the 1125CR Cafe Racer version, and have heard rumours some dealers in the US blew them out for $5995!


This will bring a tear to the eye of anyone who has ever ridden one of the greatest bikes ever made, the B-King. Not having been a popular seller in the USA, you can pick one of these up for the bargain of a lifetime price of $7999.


We haven’t seen any really cheap 09 R1’s, which isn’t surprising given what a great bike the cross plane crank model is, but the new 08’s left on the floor can be had for a song, this 2008 asking $8999.


Although we’d rather a B-King for the money, if you want a fairing, and a tad more top end, the 08 Busa is just the thing for under 10 grand.


Perhaps the biggest price difference between here and the USA is shown with the Vmax, nearly half our price at 15,600 dollars.


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