Motorcycle New Years Resolutions

burnout-pictures-sMotoaus Motorcycle New Years Resolutions for 2011.

Every new year you’ll hear all kinds of resolutions being made. While that can be a good thing to improve yourself, we prefer to think about motorcycles. So we’ve got a small list of New Years Motorcycling Resolutions. Pick and choose..

The Common Ones:

Give up Smoking.


With ever increasing penalties and hoon laws, and the ever softening compounds of road tyres, a resolution not to do any more burnouts will help. Drunken shed burnouts excepted of course.

Lose Weight.


Slim is healthy and attractive. A set of BST Carbon rims would be a good start, perhaps dump that huge standard muffler that houses a 10kg catalytic converter. Or just buy an ’11 GSXR600, which only weighs 46kg this year.

Get Fit.


You could delve into the innards of your engine, but instead, we suggest you fast track your way to power. A BMW S10000RR is a good place to start, anything much less than 200 horsepower is hardly worth trifling with. You dont want to waste any time getting up to the 60km/h speed limit. (Or 20km/h soon if you live in Tasmania.) The new ZX10-R Kawasaki has the magic 200 ponies, perhaps let your mate buy one first, just in case. Or get a second hand ‘Busa, they’re about 8 weeks pay now.

Get in Touch with Old Friends.


Not the ones from Cell Block C, nor the ones with the flashing light accessories on their car. No, get out on the back roads for a days ride with some mates, or plan an interstate trip. Or head overseas and hire a bike. Just do it. You know you want to.


Our Suggestions:


Dirt Biker:


If you haven’t got one, borrow, hire or buy one. Even if just for a day. Often how most of us started out, but even if you didn’t kick off on an XR75 or a PeeWee, a day in the dirt will create or sharpen bike control. Plus it’s the most fun you can have with nylon pants on. Get in quick, before they ban it.

Adventure Ride:


This is our own Motoaus New Years resolution. Buy an adventure bike and ride it clear across a desert somewhere. We did. Bought adventure bikes that is, and this year we intend to be andventurous on them. Do this before you get too old and stupid to ride long distances and sleep outdoors in the rain inside a gritty sleeping bag with gnawing hunger pains.

Track or Drag Day:


The best part of a motorcycle is the throttle. The Wet Blanket Departments of Australia have made the frequent and heavy use of this fun device, less fun. Heavy fines, loss of motorcycle and licence, along with social pariah status awaits you when you let it rip too often on the local byways. Head to a dragstrip test and tune day for some full throttle satisfaction, with no mirror watching. Or, if you can afford new tyres -and maybe fairings- head to your local circuit for some chicken strip removal. Be careful though, or at least have ambulance cover.

Be safe.


At the very least, resolve to not run wide on corners being a knobhead, endangering fellow riders.

Have a Happy and Safe 2011 !




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