The Hard Way Round

doug-shovel Harley World Traveller

When you look in the dictionary under hardcore, there’s a picture of Doug on his globe travelling Harley Shovel.


Europe and Middle East Adventure on a Harley

Sometimes you have your own achievements put into a different light when looking at others. There’s plenty of travel adventures to be seen on TV, and a stack of home spun tales on the web.

Forget all those, here’s what you find if you look in the dictionary under hardcore traveller: Alabama USA resident Doug is most of the way through a tour on a semi-chopped rigid frame 1975 Shovelhead Harley, across a range of countries that look like a who’s who of travel advisory warnings.

After bolting together his home made adventure style Shovel, Doug shipped it to Germany and headed off. As I write this he is currently travelling across Iraq, after travelling across Europe and Eastern European countries including Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Georgia. He even found time in the Ukraine to have a look at Chernobyl.


Dougs blog, found at is full of pictures and a description of the ride of a lifetime, on a most unusual choice of bike for this type of ride.

If this current trip isnt impressive enough, Doug has previously travelled the world on a chopped, flamed, 1962 Panhead Harley, covering countries such as Europe, Russia, Japan, Korea and the UK. But then again, that was probably a breeze for Doug, as he had already done a similar trip a few years earlier on a 1948 Indian Chief!

If you have a few hours to kill, you can live a life on the road vicariously through a pretty amazing traveller. Check out Dougs stories here

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