The Pee Wee turns 30

The Yamaha PW50 – the legendary PeeWee – has turned 30 years old.


The PeeWee turns 30

Older riders – those 40 plus – may well have a lawn mower powered minibike in the photo album as the first bike. Or if you had wealthy parent,s perhaps an old Honda 50 of some flavour.

But for those under 40, many will count Yamaha’s PW50 – the PeeWee – as their first “motorcycle”. Released in 1981, the PW50, or YZinger as it was known in some markets back then, has continued on largely unchanged now for 30 years. While the latest model has refinements over the’ 81, it maintains the same basic styling.

bubba-pwA Yamaha press release marking the PW50’s 30th reminded us of several notable PeeWee riders, with James “Bubba” Stewart,(shown at left) Ricky Carmichael, and Australia’s own motocross superstar Chad Reed (pic below right) all starting out on the little Yamaha.

Closer to home, 2 of my 3 children took their first solo ride on a PW50, a story I’m sure is echoed in many a motorcyclist’s household around the world.

chad-reed-pw50Yamaha have used the 30 year marker to offer a free kid’s camping pack including tent, sleeping bag, alu drinks bottle and backpack valued at $220 for Australian purchasers of the PW.

$200 worth of free gear is also up for grabs if you decide to whack the little Yammy on YMF finance, but check with your local Yamaha dealer for details.


If you have a child who spends way too much time on the Playstation, consider a minibike as the start of something that may just save them from a life of mediocrity.

Plus it’s a great way to spend time with your kids and teach them valuable vehicle control skills.

Son and daughter – first ride for Daughter – first race win for Son – great memories.

The Peewee 50 had to endure the happy pants era as well, with this colour scheme shown below.


The 2011 Model PW50 -you’d be hard pressed to notice a lot of difference to the 1981 model shown above (the yellow one)


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