Harley-Davidson 2012 Price Shakeup

harley-davidson-press-sHarley-Davidson are set to shake-up prices in Australia for 2012


2012 Harley-Davidson Price Changes

In response to market pressures including concerns over grey imports, and the strong Australian dollar, Harley-Davidson Australia have today announced a raft of pricing changes to the 2012 model range.

The big news is the pricing changes are mainly in a downwards direction, with some models being slashed by up to 4400 dollars as H-D Australia attempts to close the gap between Australian and US pricing.

Harley Australia’s managing director Peter Nochar explained some of the reasons behind the decision, at a press event in Sydney today.

Heading the list was the perceived competitive pricing of “grey import” Harley-Davidsons which often lack features found on Australian models like ABS and security systems.

Harley’s own market research has shown that pricing is the highest ranked concern of a potential Harley buyer, and they are obviously keen to hold on to their mantle as the number one seller of motorcycles over 650cc.

Helping this process along is no doubt the still strong Australian dollar.


Obviously there will be some recent purchasers of Harley-Davidson’s who may be disappointed to think their new possession has just devalued artificially, but given H-D’s historically long ownership span (H-D owners hold on to their steed for a remarkable average of 7 years) it may not have a great effect on most recent buyers.

For current owners trading up, the old adage still applies, it’s the changeover figure that matters, not the respective prices.

Of course the big winners will be those who have been wanting to buy into the Harley machine, but have found the entry ticket a little high for anything more than a Sportster.

According to H-D Aus, the prices will run for the full year without change, despite possible currency fluctuations.

The most notable price changes are shown below:

FLHX Street Glide w/ABS, Cruise & 103″ 2012 price-$34,495, was $32,995, +$1,500 (up 4.55%)
FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic w/ABS &103″ 2012 price- $29,495 was $32,495 -$3,000 (down 9.23%)
FLSTN Softail Deluxe w/ ABS &103″ 2012 price- $28,995 was$32,750 -$3,755 (down 11.47%)
FLSTF Fat Boy w/ ABS &103″ 2012 price- $27,995 was$32,250 -$4,255 (down-13.19%)
FXDF Fat Bob w/ ABS &103″ 2012 price- $24,995 was $28,350 -$3,355 (down 11.83%)
FXDWG Wide Glide w/ ABS &103″ 2012 price- $24,495 was $28,895 -$4,400 (down 15.23%)
FXDC Super Glide Custom w/ABS 2012 price- $21,995 was $25,995 -$4,000 (down 15.39%)
XL1200X Forty Eight 2012 price- $18,250 was $16,625 +$1,625 (up 9.77%)
XL1200C 1200 Custom 2012 price- $17,995 was $17,995 0 0.00%
XL883N Iron 883 2012 price- $14,250 was $13,400 +E850 (up 6.34%)
XL883L Super Low 2012 price- $14,250 was $12,895 +$1,355 (up 10.51%)
VRSCF Muscle w/ ABS 2012 price- $26,495 was $28,395 -$1,900 (down 6.69%)
VRSCDX Night Rod Specl Anv Ed w/ABS 2012 price- $26,495 was $29,395 -$2,900 (down 9.87%)


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