7 second 180mph Snowmobile

7sec-snowmobile-sA Modified Yamaha snowmobile with over 600 horsepower that runs a 7 second 1/4 mile. Video!

Seven Second Sled

What to do if you have a snowmobile, but no snow? Looks like the guys from Simon’s CPR in sunny Wisconsin USA, take their modified sled to the dragstrip for some fun. Well maybe, if you call terror, fun.

Reportedly pushing out over 600 horsepower, the turbocharged monster has run over 180mph (290km/h) in the quarter mile with rider/driver Dan Wade at the ..er.. bars, on a belt! And check out those front….wheels.

The sled is based on a 2003 Yamaha RX-1, which – although we nothing about snowmobiles, given it hasn’t snowed here on the Gold Coast for 113 years – apparently has an R1 style 4 cylinder 1000cc 5 valve engine in it standard. This one has a turbo, and maybe nitrous to spool the turbo by the sounds. Whatever it has, it is hellishly fast, and looks more than a little bit dangerous.

Well done fellas!

A breakdown of increments on the 7.64 / 178mph  run is below the video.


60 ft    1.220

330 ft    3.306

660 ft    4.962

660 mph  149.52

1000 ft    6.400

1320 ft    7.646

1320 mph 178.42

Another video with a few more runs from the day:


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