Fireblade Art = Mechanics Nightmare

honda-blade-art-sUnusual window display in UK features a perfectly good Honda Fireblade dismantled and hung. Honda UK offers a prize.

Hanging Gardens of Fireblade

UK artist Kyle Bean has created a set of displays in the windows of department store Selfridges. Something about “matter can only be transformed”…

Of interest is his subject matter in one window, two balanced Honda CBR1000RR Blades. One is hanging intact, the other looks like some kind of bad warranty claim nightmare, in thousands of pieces.

If that’s not interesting enough, Honda UK are using the display as the basis of a competition to win a pillion ride on a Superbike. The person who correctly counts up the parts in the parts manual guesses the amount of parts, will win a pillion lap on the back of an HM Plant Honda superbike around Oulton Park. There is no truth to the rumour that second prize is assembling the Fireblade again.

Competition details at Honda UK

Artist Kyle Bean

Video showing the Honda hanging:

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