TT3D Movie Review

tt3d-movie-sTT3D  Closer to the Edge – Movie Review


TT3D Movie Review

“TT3D – Closer to the Edge” will screen in Australian cinemas later this year. Motoaus contributor Paul de Roo went along to a preview and filed this review of the movie:

When I think of cult motorcycle movies, I think of ridiculous special effects, unbelievable stunts and a bad storyline. Of course the classic ‘Stone’ and the first ‘Mad Max’ were gems, and things got a hell of a lot better with ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’.

When I heard about TT3D I was very excited at the prospect of a real, believable movie about our passion.

“TT3D – Closer to the edge” follows the loose canon – Guy Martin, as he prepares, races and reflects on the 2010 Isle of Man TT while in search of his first ever TT win at the island. The Isle of Man TT is of course the firm two finger salute to all things OHS.

Run-off areas, smooth surfaces and gravel pits are replaced with stone walls, letter boxes and sheer cliffs. It is heralded as one of the most dangerous motor racing events in the world with over 230 deaths during practice or racing on the 60.7km mountain circuit since 1907. The story captures the emotion and excitement of 2010, arguably the most historic year of the TT in over 100 years of it’s running.

Many of the competitors feature, such as Ian Hutchison, John McGuinness and Jenny Tinmouth – the fastest woman ever to lap the circuit. Michael and William Dunlop – sons of the late Robert and nephews of the late Joey Dunlop, the most successful racer to ever straddle a tank on the island – also contribute. The race footage is the best you will see, with ultra-clear slow motion shots, as well as chest thumping on-board blasts. The visual is reminiscent of a ‘Top Gear’ episode on steroids.

This is an inspiring story of humour, courage, achievement, despair and tragedy. Shown in 3D – the effects are not over-done, but really stand those hairs on the back of your neck to attention. Have those ears finely tuned to strong accents, as I didn’t even understand half of the dialogue.

Even with that handicap, I can honestly say that we finally have a cult movie that really does capture the essence of what motorcycle racing should be all about. In Australian cinemas from October 20, it is well worth a look.

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