Ninja Underground Motorbike Game

ninja-motorbike-game-sRace a Kawasaki Ninja around your monitor with no fear of injury in this online motorcycle game.


Ninja Underground Game

Kawasaki USA have a specialty site for the “Ninja” range of sportsbikes. With lots of videos and pictures, they also have included an online game where you race a motorcycle – a Ninja of course – around a track, picking up points for running over stuff.

I hesitate to call this game challenging, and everyones idea of fun varies, but you can upload a picture of yourself, and it will produce a wallpaper of you with stunter Jason Britten for download. See below. You can also compare your score with other Ninja’s, I ranked in at an impressive 437th.

Go to it game Ninjas!

Online Kawasaki Ninja Motorbike Game




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