BMW deny S1000RRs are being modified

bmw-s1000rr-not-modified-sBMW Australia have released a statement about false claims the S1000RR is being modified.
*artists impression 😉

BMW S1000RR’s are stock standard

Apparently someones being spreading naughty rumours about BMW’s power monster S1000RR sportsbike.
We recently rode the S1000RR Motoaus S1000RR Ride Review

Read the press release below from BMW:

“It has been brought to our attention that a motorcycle competitor has been making statements that are false and misleading. This is in reference to the standard specification of the BMW S 1000 RR.

The claims being made relate to the BMW S 1000 RR being modified either for press or customer motorcycles to create additional horsepower. The individual has approached media, stake holders, dealers as well as people in the racing community with some of the following claims:

* BMW are fitting non-standard ECU (electronic control unit) to press bikes to gain increased performance.
* BMW fit non standard ECU components during the first service of customer bikes.
* BMW S 1000 RR does not come standard with Gear Shift Assistant (quick shift)

We would like to clarify the following points;

* The only bike to receive a non standard ECU was during a specific press event where media were offered to ride a 2011 S 1000 RR fitted with genuine BMW HP ECU and HP Race Exhaust at Phillip Island and Eastern Creek circuits (this modified motorcycle was never used on public roads). This was fully disclosed, the purpose of this event was to promote these products. The modified motorcycle in question is now Glenn Allerton’s race bike that is leading the ASBK Championship.

* We have dyno charts showing the difference between the standard and HP equipped bikes. This reflects what independent media dyno tests have also shown (given that dyno readings vary from dyno to dyno).

* All other press and customer bikes have only ever been fitted with the standard BMW ECU.

* Gear Shift Assistant is and always has been standard on all Australian specified S 1000 RR models.

* As of this week, Race ABS and DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) are also standard as the base model S 1000 RR has been discontinued.

We understand that performance figures of the S 1000 RR are considerably higher than the competition, but this has always been confirmed during independent media comparisons. Please see attached dyno chart by reputable tuner, Phil Tainton, showing comparison between a standard 2010 customer S 1000 RR (in red) and the 2011 HP equipped S 1000 RR in blue.”


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