Chinese company plan to sell 2000 dollar sportsbikes

fuell-sA Chinese manufacturing company aims to sell a range of Vtwin sportsbikes for less than 2000 dollars. fuell-220-press-releaseScan of brochure.

1st April 2010 – Chinese giant plans to sell 2000 dollar sports bikes

UPDATED: Link to picture gallery added.

Chinese manufacturing giant Shuang Lo have announced plans to launch a brand similar to Buell, recently closed by Harley Davidson.

Although Harley-Davidson reportedly would not sell the brand to a competitor, after purchasing a large amount of production line equipment including engine extrusion presses and frame stamping dies at a public auction, Shuang Lo have announced plans for a similar line of machines.

Italian design company Enorme Sciocco have penned a number of designs which look remarkably similar to the 1125R and CR models, along with a smaller version similar to Buell’s biggest seller, the Blast. At a press launch in Changhai, Shuang Lo spokesperson April Nuovo outlined the plans for the new brand, to be named the Fuel.

“Given the current high demand for sport type motorcycles worldwide, our new Fuel motorcycles will offer both performance and design”

Headlining the range is the 225CR, powered by a 220cc v-twin pushrod engine that features technology from Chinese manufacturer Liefan, well known for pit bike engines. Despite the small engine size, the bike itself is a full size sport/cafe racer with distinctive twin scoops identical to Buell’s last sports bike.

With a claimed power output of 36 horsepower, and a dry weight of over 225 kilograms, the 225CR is not likely to challenge for track supremacy, although Shuang Lo’s press release hinted at a larger 2200cc race version which could be homologated for racing in Supersport type classes.

Shuang Lo’s plan to retail the bike through an existing sales network in both Australia and the USA – reported to be a large whitegoods chain – will enable them to offer the flagship model for as low as $1999 USD ($2200AUD)

“Obviously at that price there will be a limited warranty” said Nuovo, “perhaps as little as several months, with the requirement that the motorcycle be returned to the factory for repairs”.

Other models on display at today’s launch were the less powerful 125CR, and the 49cc single cylinder “Brast”.

Save clicking the link, this was obviously an April Fools Day Story.

Full details and pics from the launch are here:

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