Free Parking in Sydney

free  motorcycle parkingMotorcycle and scooter riders would be exempt from paying for parking on City streets under an innovative new City of Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy to be discussed at a meeting of the Planning, Transport and Development Committee on Monday 28 July.

The draft strategy also proposes trialing publicly accessible charging points for electric scooters, on-street fastening points to secure motorbikes and advocates for cheaper and easier tolling options on motorways. Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP said the strategy is designed to support the increasing number of people making the switch from four wheels to two.

City of Sydney Draft Motorcycle & Scooter Plan Action List

  • Allow free parking in ticket parking zones until an equitable pay system is available.
  • Continue to provide some free dedicated parking in appropriate locations
  • Offer discounted residential parking permits
  • Offer discounted commuter parking in City parking stations
  • Advocate for the inclusion of motorcycles in the Green Vehicle Guide
  • Advocate for the introduction of national emissions standards for motorcycles
  • Promote the use of electric motorcycles and investigate charging points
  • Advocate for fairer and cheaper road toll payment options
  • Provide road safety programs
  • Advocate reform of regulations which prevent motorcycle couriers from using loading zones
  • Liaise with the RTA to investigate increased motorcycle parking on the departure side of intersections
  • Promote improved motorcycle awareness by car drivers
  • Identify and rectify any potential hazards on local roads
  • Trial on street motorcycle locking devices in suitable areas

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