Gold Plated MV Agusta

gold mv Just the ticket for you high rollers on the Gold Coast, or perhaps Goldmember wannabees.

MV Agusta, in conjunction with Venetian fine metals processor Aurum, have created this 24 ct gold plated show special MV Agusta F4 RR 312.

The MV was covered in 5 square metres of gold leaf for a Luxury Fair show in Italy.

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Looks like they had plenty of gold leaf available, as seen strewn over the floor. No plans for a production version as yet, although Bunnings have a nice line of gold pressure packs if the do it yourself bug takes hold

golden mv agusta

And if the GoldFingered MV isnt enough bling for one double garage, maybe you could look into this million dollar crystal covered Mercedes Benz..

crystal benz

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