Honda Australia to close Riders Club

honda-logoHonda have announced they will close the Honda Riders Club of Australia (HRCA).


honda-logoHonda to close HRCA Riders Club

Honda Australia are closing their riders club, the Honda Riders Club of Australia (HRCA).

Effective immediately, the decision was taken due to the current economic climate, and a change in the way Honda will manage rider events. All future events promoted by Honda will be under the corporate Honda banner.

“As time has gone on, the environment has changed and the structure of how we manage events has also needed to change in line with this,” said Tony Hinton, General Manager of Motorcycles. “Now all of our events such as corporate hospitality at World Superbikes and MotoGP, ride days and kids events will simply come under the Honda Australia umbrella. Membership fees will not be applicable, and anyone who is a fan of Honda can attend any of these events.”

Honda’s Managing Director, Stuart Strickland also acknowledged the many hardworking volunteers and members who have been involved with the Club over the years.

“Many Club members helped build the HRCA up over time and we will certainly make it a point to keep those people engaged with Honda in the future in different ways,” Mr Strickland said. “We remain committed to offering exciting world class activities through the year where former members, as well as people who have never been to a Honda event before can get involved with like-minded riders.”

Queries regarding the closure of HRCA can be directed to Honda’s Customer Relations Division on 03 9270 1348.


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