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motobet-sLooking to make money out of Sete Gibernau? Here’s how.


Sick of being only one dimensional in your vices? Do you feel unsatisfied with only your durries, heavy drinking and prostitutes? Well here’s your big chance to add gambling to your list of motorcycle vices.
Motologic has teamed with betezy to bring you the opportunity to bet on the outcome of the MotoGP season, or as far as I could tell from looking there.

A 10 dollar investment on Sete Gibernau would currently return you over 7 grand when he wins this years MotoGP championship…

Anyway, here’s the press release:

Motologic and have launched an all new website which features Glenn Allerton, the 2008 Australian Superbike Champion on the home page. will offer fans the full range of sports and racing with guaranteed better odds via online 24/7 or telephone. will also pay Motologic members additional bonuses on dividends, a first in Australia.
Motobet is a purpose built website where fans are able to bet on motorsports, AFL and basically any type of racing, which will see commissions based on turnover and will help generate revenue for Motologic Racing.

In turn, this revenue will be returned to the sport of motorcycle racing to develop future world champions and support junior racing throughout Australia.
Motologic, like all professional sporting organisations across the country, are searching for new revenue streams which will enable the business to continue to operate at the highest level.
“Motologic are very excited about our new venture with Betezy,” Motologic Sponsorship Manager Brad Free said.”Motologic is a business kept alive by sponsorship and our valued clientele. When we developed our Race Team Membership Program it was based around generating a fan base following and obviously an income stream similar to that of AFL or NRL clubs. Once we looked deeper into the source of the major contributing revenue within the football clubs, we found it was driven through Betezy and this company are by far the best at what they do in this field. We look forward to developing a beneficial relationship and bringing new revenues to keep improving our passion to remain the best at what we do in the motorcycling industry.”
Betezy’s General Manager Ryan Kay said, “Motologic can achieve a major income stream from sports betting which can be returned into the industry. We are extremely happy to announce the launch of today. Motologic Racing has many loyal fans and by moving their betting turnover to this betting site can help ensure the success of their team and the future of Motorcycle Racing. Fans will be able to be bet online or by phone in a very personal service where they are no longer treated like a number. We will be continually looking at integrity issues. We will be working with the sporting bodies to make certain there is always integrity in the sport,” said Kay.

“One thing we are very resolute about is making sure there are never any illegal
gambling activities in the sport and we will work with everyone involved to ensure this is achieved. Glenn Allerton & Wayne Maxwell’s Honda Superbikes will be sporting the new livery at this weekends Queensland round of the ASBK series.



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