New Queensland License Rules

The Queensland Government  has announced they will be adopting the  power-to-weight "LAMS" system  which replaces the the current engine size limit of 250cc.

Riders on new licences, which they must hold for a year before going on an unrestricted licence, will only be able to ride motorcycles from an approved list based upon  a 150kW power-to-weight ratio and a 660ml upper engine capacity limit.  This will allow new riders to legally use machines such as the power restricted SV650 Suzuki.

Under the new laws, provisional licence holders must display a ‘P’ plate when riding, currently that is optional.

All learner and restricted riders must have a zero blood-alcohol reading, not just under 25 years old which was the previous restriction.

Restricted class learner riders will  no longer be able to carry a supervisor as a pillion. They will now have to ride on another bike or in a car.

The laws are expected to be in force July 2009.

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