Queensland Tollway changes for motorcycles

If you are a user of Brisbane’s toll roads, the Gateway and Logan Motorways, changes are coming for motorcyclists. As of July 1st 2009, the toll booths are being phased out, replaced by an e tag system, or in the case of motorcycles, a “videotag.”

Rather than carry an electronic tag device on your bike, or in your jacket, you sign up for an account, pay in some credit, and add the registation numbers of any vehicles you would liike on that account. The camera system on the tollways will bill you from a photo match up system. Car drivers will have to pay a 40 cent premium per toll booth to use this service, but according to Queensland Tollways, this will be waived for motorcycles.

On the positive side, traffic flow will speed up without the toll booth bottle neck, and no more fumbling for change with gloves on. On the other hand, remind me again why we are still paying tolls on roads which were built up to 20 years ago?

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