2010 Melbourne Motorcycle Expo Pictorial Two


Part Two of the 2010 Melbourne Motorcycle Expo Pictorial
Part Two of the Melbourne Motorcycle Expo pictorial. If you missed Part One click HERE

Honda’s girls show off the new white scheme on the Gold Wing. Plenty of white bikes now, is it the new black?

Not sure what this display represents, various suggestions include, “life’s a balancing act”, “your life hangs by a thread”, or maybe “weigh up your options”. Whatever it meant, it looked good.


No, do not sit on or try to ride a Repsol Honda RC212V MotoGP machine without asking for assistance. Honda had a slew of interesting race bikes on display, including Bryan Staring’s Aus Championship winning Fireblade.

Suzuki’s trio of stars. Josh Waters, Troy Herfoss and Shawn Giles shuffle nervously while Ken Wooton talks up both them, and Suzuki. With good reason too, Troy Herfoss lifted the 2010 Supersport title, Josh Waters would have been a lot stronger defending his Superbike crown from last year if not for a serious crash testing in the USA, and Shawn Giles has finished 5th or higher 10 times in the Aus Superbike Championship – winning three – meaning he can ride a whole lot faster than you.

Old vs New. The Troy Herfoss championship winning Supersport Suzuki was displayed alongside a 90’s Ansett Air Freight predecessor from the 90’s. Suzuki also had a 1986 GSX-R on display next to the 2011 Model 750.

Guess who? It’s a Moto Guzzi Norge 8V tourer, looking stunning in Metallic White. Another bike on our “want to ride this” list.

Harley Davidson had a big range of bikes on show, this design caught our eye, but they had a whole heap of good looking standard and custom bikes to choose from.

King of Bling. Victory had their usual glittering machines on display. They also had a Vision trike, but we didn’t get any decent pictures of it due to our *cough* “inferior camera equipment.”
Triumph Thunderbird looks great with a fresh tri-colour paint scheme. The new Speed Triple was on display as well, but the dullish red colour was a bit underwhelming in pictures.

Flat black cafe racer Triumph. Just like a Thruxton only cooler looking, and more uncomfortable. Is that flat slide carbies I see?

A rack of orange.

Ducati 1198S Corse Special Edition. Has a silver bit on the top.  And lots of expensive trick bits. The silver bit is the aluminium tank, clear coated. Think carbon fibre, Ohlins and so on. If you have to ask…

There were personal watercraft at the show, but somehow it wasn’t the same as looking at them on the Gold Coast. We include this Seadoo because the picture came out nice.

I have resisted typing “Me so Hornee”. ..Actually I haven’t, have I?

All in all, the 2010 Melbourne Expo was a big success, supported by all the manufacturers, and plenty to look at for bike buyers. The Expo jumps Melbourne next year for it’s stop in Sydney in late 2011.

Part One of the Motorcycle Expo Pictorial is HERE

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