Meguiars Motorcycle Plastic Polish and Cleaner

plastic-screen-polish-sMeguiars Motorcycle Plastic Cleaner and Polish trialed on a 15 year old screen.

Motorcycle Plastic Polish and Cleaner

Most product reviews you will find on the net are often thinly disguised press releases, or advertorials. We recently bought with our own money, and used to our own satisfaction a product, so hereby bring you the story of Meguiars Plastic Cleaner and Polish.

meguiars-plastic-polishMotoaus recently bought an old ’95 YZF750R Yamaha to use as a spare bike. It needed a small amount of work as you’d expect of a 15 year old bike. One of the most obvious untidy parts was the original Yamaha fairing screen, which was severely clouded, yellowed and scratched (see pic above).

I’m not a great fan of aftermarket screens on road bikes, preferring the originals which usually have a nice moulded-in bead at the edge. Most aftermarket screens do not. I wanted to restore this original to something resembling clear.

We tried a number of cleaners and polishes we had on the shelf, none had any noticable effect. Car polish, Windex, and the like. So it was off to the local car parts store, where the word “Motorcycle Plastic” jumped off the shelf at me. To be honest I can’t remember the exact price paid, around 15 dollars I think.

It is basically a “rub on – buff off” type of product like most polishes, and as you can see from the pictures below, it is very effective. It did take a number of goes, but eventually the screen started looking decent again, the yellowish tint went, and all but the most severe marks polished out.

We were very happy with the end result to say the least. As an unexpected bonus, we also found it worked extremely well on other plastics on the bike. Flasher lenses and tail light lens came up like new, after starting out milky and old looking.

One thing to be aware of, if you use the plastic polish on the satin finish black plastic bits that abound on Japanese bikes, eg chainguard, or rear guard, it does tend to make the part more shiny than it was originally. You might not like that if you prefer the dead original look. But on the clear bits, screen, lenses etc, it worked an absolute treat.

After polishing everything on the bike, there is still about half of the product left. Which is good, as it is something I will now permanently include in the armory of bike cleaning.

Motoaus verdict: A great product, does exactly what it says it will do. A big shiny thumbs up!

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