Scala Rider G4 Instructors Kit released by Strike

Strike Australia have released a special Scala Rider “Instructors Kit” for instructor to trainee communication.


Strike’s Scala Rider Instructor Kit

Motoaus used and reviewed favourably the Scala Rider G4 helmet intercom system a while back. Using the system at a dragstrip – which involved talking from the sidelines to the rider via an Iphone – we really started to understand how versatile the system is and the usefullness of on-bike communication.

Now Strike, the Australian distributor, has released a kit which capitalises on just one of the many uses for motorcycle communication. The Scala Rider G4 Instructor Kit is designed especially for motorcycle riding schools and offers a convenient intercom communication solution for any motorcycle lesson. The kit is offered in two versions – for instructor and one trainee, or instructor and two trainees.

It includes factory-paired units for instructor and trainee/s for immediate intercom use. The Scala Rider G4 Instructor Kit units are waterproof and dustproof and are easily installed. Whether the instructor chooses to hold his lesson from inside a car, on another motorcycle or standing at the side of a motorcycle training course, Cardo’s Scala Rider G4 Instructor Kit will keep the instructor in constant contact with his trainees to provide them with, advice and riding tips in real time. Each kit includes the following:

1.In-car: speakerphone and a special mould for the G4 that can be attached to the front windscreen.
2.On a motorcycle: audio kits for the instructor and the trainee/s.
3.Out of car: special headphones for the instructor.


After the success of the Intermot Tradeshow in Germany last month and the official launch of the Cardo Scala Rider G4 Instructor Kit, Strike is looking forward to sharing the benefits of the product with Australian motorcycle training organisations. The G4 Instructor Kit has already been tested by several driving schools throughout Europe and has received exceptional feedback so far.

Paul Kuhne, Head of Driving School Bressendorf Gmbh, believes the product is perfect for training situations. “With this system, we managed to vastly improve our training experience for new riders, in all possible aspects of the riding lesson, allowing the instructor the flexibility to carry out training from inside a car, whilst riding on a motorcycle or on the practice range. The G4 Instructor Kit provides excellent voice quality,” he said.

Closer to home, Steve McDowall, of, a qualified riding instructor for over a quarter of a century said that Strike’s leading Cardo Scala Rider product devices can be very useful and beneficial in a training environment if used correctly.

“In a group training situation we use them for instructor to instructor communications when 2 instructors are working on the same course and the training is being conducted on-road or on a circuit.”

McDowall added that when it comes to one-on-one coaching, instructors are typically dealing with a student who already has a reasonable level of skill and experience.

“In a one-on-one coaching situation it is often appropriate to fit the student with a Scala Rider device. They are cost-effective, easy to use products which aren’t intimidating to learner motorcycle riders.”

For more information on the Scala Rider G4 Instructor Kit contact Strike via their website or give them a call on 1300 792 044.



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