Pirelli Scorpion Trail Update

scorpion-trail-ssUpdate on our Pirelli Scorpion Trail tyres.


Pirelli Scorpion Trail Update

We have now put about 1000 km’s on the Pirelli Scorpion Trail tyres on one of our V-Stroms. All but about 50 kilometres these have been on bitumen.

The Scorpions feel as good on the road as any pure road tyre you may choose – at sensible speeds. The pointy profile of the front tyre equates to easy changes of direction, and light as a feather steering. Apart from one heart stopping front end lose whilst chasing (attempting to chase, actually) a BMWS1000RR – probably the result of asking too much from an adventure bike – the Scorpions have been confidence inspiring on the bitumen.


The lack of dirt kilometres means we can’t report yet on off road performance, other than to say that the two short dirt road stretches covered were fuss free, the Scorpions tracked nicely on the gravel surface, without feeling too skatey. Hopefully we will put them to a more severe off road test in the near future.

Wear wise, at 1000kms they still look close to new, I’m guessing they will see over 5000kms easily. Your mileage may vary, a quick look around the web finds several users reporting well over 10,000 kms of wear.

So far we would say these tyres work exactly as intended, Pirelli recommending them for an adventure bike thats spend the majority of the time on bitumen, and so far that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We’ll update again after we’ve put some more dirt miles on them, and see how many kilometres they last in total for us.


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