Pirelli Scorpion Trail – Adventure Tyres

pirelli-scorpion-trail-sWe fit a pair of Pirelli Scorpion Trail tyres to our V-Strom in the slow moving saga of our adventure bike..adventures.

Pirelli Scorpion Trail Tyres

Heat, floods and pestilence have befallen both Queensland and our program to get two 650 V-Stroms ready for some adventures. And by adventures, at this point we mean, go for a ride.

V-Strom Number 1 has mainly been used up to this point as a road ride, often as a second or camera bike on a road test run. The V-Strom is a surprisingly easy bike to get along a windy bitumen road at a brisk pace, but the standard – and worn – tyres were creating a few heart skipping moments when the pace got too high.

While the dirt bikers in us wanted to fit the chunkiest knobbies onto the VStrom straight away, the reality is we probably won’t be chasing the herds of fleeing wildebeest across the Serengeti anytime soon, and more likely to be seen around Surfers than the Simpson.

For this reason we have fitted a pair of Pirelli’s Scorpion Trail tyres, a tyre that has been designed for optimum road performance, but capable to a degree off road. Pirelli mention a 90/10 road/off road use ratio, and by the look of the tyre it does seem certainly to have an almost sport road tyre look about it.

Reading through Pirelli’s tech info on the tyre, the rear has a silica content of 70%, so that along with the heavy grooving in the tread would make this an ideal wet weather tyre. We’ve had plenty of that here lately.

We will do a full review on the tyre after we’ve put a few miles on it, in varying conditions.



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