8 second ZX10-R Kawasaki

An 8 second quarter mile ZX10-R Kawasaki


Head out to any one of Willowbank Raceway’s drag race events, and you are likely to notice Dan Sekli and his Kawasaki ZX10-R. Not because it’s painted in bright colours, because it isn’t. And not because Dan is a loud, large man, because he isn’t.

During the week, Dan is a mild mannered pharmaceutical company sale exec, but once he wheels out his ZX10-R at the track, things change. Sideways tyre smoking burnouts, and wild wheels up launches are the normal fare for Dan the Man, as he pushes his streetable Kawasaki to 8 second times, making his the quickest – and first- normally aspirated sub 1000cc non wheelie-bar equipped bike in the country.


With minimal modifications and a set of wheelbase extenders bolted in the swingarm, Dan has ridden the silver bullet to an Aussie best time of 8.87 seconds at 152 mph (243km/h) over the quarter. Running the standard wheelbase, the lowered Kawasaki has hit an impressive 9.36 seconds at 147 mph.

Collected over a number of drag race events, Motoaus.com presents for your enjoyment a gallery of pictures of Dan in action, showing his belief that tyres are evil, and must be punished.



Dan attempts to make his own, matching clouds.


Swingarm extensions bolt in to push the beast into the 8 second zone.


More tyre punishment


The Kawasaki’s short wheelbase makes launching hard a line between wheelie, and not fast enough.





Dan on his way to another low nine second quarter mile run, with little more than lowering and a pipe.



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