Hulk renamed Nitro Voodoo

nitro-voodoo-sThe Nitro Voodoo is ready to rumble.


Nitro Voodoo

The former American Championship winning 5 sec Top Fuel Dragbike has been renamed “Nitro Voodoo”.

nitro-voodoo-logoCLM Motorsport team owner and rider Chris Matheson licensed with two solid 6 sec passes with early shut offs, at a recent test session at Willowbank Raceway in Queensland.

“The team has re-named the bike to herald the beginning of a new era which coincides with round one of the championship at Willowbank on the 8th and 9th of August.” Matheson said.

Crew chief Paul Bushell is aware of the challenges facing the team. “The Team has put in a huge effort to ensure we have every opportunity to be competitive at round one, however we are mindful that the whole package is new and as new participants to Top Fuel, we have no illusion of the steep mountain we are about to climb.”

Roger Bloor of RBP Performance, former crew chief of the current Australian champions Kiwi Stud Racing, has teamed up with Nitro Voodoo to assist in delivering consistent quick times.

“It’s exciting to have the expertise of Roger Bloor, especially with his recent success still resonating with drag fans around the world. ¬†Roger’s success has been unrivalled in the sport here in Australia over recent seasons and he brings a huge wealth of knowledge to the Nitro Voodoo Team.” Matheson said

Head Engineer, Andrew Stannard added, “I’m looking forward to working closely with Roger to maximise performance and efficiency, and I am eager to be exposed to the wealth of knowledge that he will bring to the team. I’m almost finished prepping the Voodoo for the first round, after our successful test and licence day in July”.


The Team is eager to see the results of the hundreds of hours put in getting the bike and team to this point. This time last year Matheson was in America shaking hands with drag race legend Larry “Spiderman” McBride, negotiating a deal that brought the former Hulk to Australia.

A large field of 12 Top Bike riders have entered round one at Willowbank, with riders travelling from as far as Perth to compete. The new season promises big things for spectators and teams as we see arguably the largest number of competitors anywhere in the world.

Matheson wanted to acknowledge the team effort, “None of our progress would have been possible without the assistance of Larry McBride , his brother Steve and all the “Nitro Voodoo” Team members including Paul Bushell, Gary Lambert, Andrew Stannard, Dave “Pop” Stannard and¬† Roger Bloor.

More information about Round One of the Championship at Willowbank can be found here.

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