Ducati Unveil GP11 2011 MotoGP machine

ducati-gp11-rossi-sDucati have unveiled the 2011 MotoGP machine, the GP11 in it’s new livery, including the Rossi influenced bike. ducati-gp11

Ducati GP11 MotoGP 2011 Unveiled

Ducati have unveiled the 2011 MotoGP contender at the annual Wrooom event in the snowfields of Italy. Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi were both on hand for the event. As expected, Valentino Rossi’s GP11 has the familiar fluoro yellow highlights that he has made his own.


Full pictorial with large images of Rossi, Hayden and the 2011 MotoGP “GP11” Ducati click here

Filippo Preziosi, General Director of Ducati Corse had this to say about the GP11 and Rossi:

“The bike we see here at Madonna di Campiglio is the GP11 “step 0” as it represents the initial level from which we plan to evolve. The principal characteristics are the evolution of the motor and of the throttle body thought to obtain, fundamentally, a flatter and more useable power curve. As for the chassis, the aerodynamics are completely new, with the goal of improving top speed, reducing consumption, and also reducing front lift as much as possible.

“Other aspects we’re working on for the Malaysia tests in February are the new frame, which has already undergone various tests of rigidity and flex—for torsion and under braking—a swingarm with different rigidity characteristics, and a fork that combines the 2011 hydraulics with the 42mm tubes, instead of 48.”

“As for the electronics, we’re working on wheelie control and traction control. These are all solutions that we’ll try out next week at Jerez with three days of testing and two development teams—one for Franco Battaini and one for Vittoriano Guareschi—and that Valentino and Nicky will then try in Malaysia. We know that Valentino isn’t at 100%, and Sepang is a very ‘physical’ track, so we’ll try to optimize his sessions and to use his time on the track in a ‘surgical’ way in order to have his feedback. Many tests will also be entrusted to Nicky Hayden, who will be able to ride normally.”

“We’re working hard, but the atmosphere at Ducati is really nice, very electric and positive, and we can’t wait to get back on the track.” Preziosi concluded.


Full pictorial with large images of Rossi, Hayden and the 2011 MotoGP “GP11” Ducati click here

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