Kawasaki’s World Champion in Aus


Current World Motocross Champion and Kawasaki Team Green rider, Katherine Prumm, is on her way to Australia to contest Round Two of the Australian Women’s Motocross Championship, at The Lakes in NSW this weekend.

 The World’s best female rider arrives in Sydney, fresh from spending a month in Europe competing at the opening round of the 2007 Women’s World Motocross Titles in Germany, where she was out to defend her 2006 Title.

 The World No.1 took her Kawasaki KX250F to second and fifth in the two races at the Teutschenthal circuit, near Leipzig, in Germany, finishing the event fourth overall at the first of the three round championship.

 Two months ago, Prumm launched her assault against Australia’s top female riders, winning the opening round of the Australian Women’s Motocross Titles in Victoria.

 Riding her KX250F, Prumm was challenged by KTM rider Kirsty Gillespie in the first race, but her determination saw her ride home out in front. In the second race, Prumm found her form right from the word go and she rode away with the win, securing her first place in the Championship.

 Prumm will warm up for this weekends challenge by joining fellow Kawasaki Racing Team riders, Mitch Hoad and Cody Mackie, at Hoad’s home track in the Hunter Region, NSW.
All three riders will be in the company of KRT mechanics, Charlie Costanzo and Marty Blake, where they will continue to work on further developing the KX250F’s race performance.

 “I am feeling confident heading into the second round, as I have put a lot of racing miles under my belt onboard my KX250F this year, racing in events in New Zealand and in Europe,” said Prumm. “I am looking forward to having the chance to race in NSW, as the five times I have raced in Australia it has been on tracks in Victoria. I am interested to see what the track conditions are like up in NSW, as the Victorian dirt tended to be very packed down – different from New Zealand’s tracks.”

 “It will be great to meet up with all the KRT crew and spend some time with them this weekend, as last time I was here my trip was fairly rushed.”

 Kawasaki Racing Team Manager, Brett Whale, is confident that Kawasaki will continue to dictate racing this weekend on the Central Coast track.

 “I look forward to seeing Kawasaki continue its domination over the motocross competition this weekend,” said Whale. “I’m looking forward to seeing Katherine achieve another good result, like Round One, as she continues her domination over the women’s world motocross scene, onboard her Kawasaki.”



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