Krusty gets to ride on a Hot Body for 2007

Adam ‘Krusty’ Fergusson will ride his new 2007 Fireblade fitted with the ultra light and super tough Hot Bodies Racing race glass and DVS welcomes Hot Bodies Racing to the family. 

“I am really happy that we have the support of Hot Bodies Racing next year, the boys in the team all say that it is the easiest glass they have ever worked with, which is very important, you see some teams out there struggling just to remove there body work, but not with Hot Bodies, it is so easy even I can do it”, said Adam “Krusty” Fergusson.

 Krusty 2007 Blade

DVS Honda has been utilizing Hot Bodies long before this new sponsorship occurred having purchased the product from Mat Mladin Imports for the very same reasons Adam has suggested.

Hot Bodies Racing products are available from most major motorcycle retailers and should you have trouble finding some or simply wish to check out the range of products and merchandise, simply log onto or go to

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